Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So prematurely begins my Senior year at Ringling college, granted it can be afforded for one more go. I haven't paid a visit to any museums so far, but I live in Miami, so I have time yet. It's all a matter of getting proper transportation in order. For the moment I have been drawing and contemplating my eventual subject of focus. My mind keeps drifting to 3-d and video despite my love of printmaking. Perhaps with my brilliant mind I can find a way of incorporating the lot in some fascinating way.

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  1. Hi Sandra:

    You have so many great places to visit in Miami--let me know if you want suggestions, but you might already be aware of what is there.

    A suggestion about your thesis---don't think yet about media--just think about what you want to express in your work--what is your idea? What is the TOPIC you want to explore? Let me know if you want to discuss!