Monday, April 11, 2011

Graham Hancock - Trevor's Article

This was a video, which was more of an audio recording, of Graham Hancock explaining DNA and theory that altered states of mind are actually other worlds we transcend to. He brings up Crick, the Nobel Prize winner who discovered the double helix, and how he believed that DNA was sent to the planet rather than accidentally created by a race of intelligent beings from some place or another due to its complexity. 97% of our DNA, considered 'junk DNA', are not involved in our basic genetics and in fact cannot be linked with any certainty to anything. So Graham believes that this junk DNA is actually a series of messages that we are meant to decode someday, left to us by otherworldly beings, as well as portals to alternate planes. 

I'll have to admit, I bought very little of this. If it is true--that DNA is simply too complex to happen by accident--I'd sooner believe that God made man. Bringing an otherworldly intelligence into the picture, as well as spaceships sending out bacteria and little messages encoded in out DNA left to us by super scientists from across the universe, it all just brings up even more to question. How did /they/ get created? When did it all begin? Why does it matter? I kept thinking of The Guide while I listened to this. If these theories are correct we might very well be that super computer designed by Deep Thought to determine the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. 

I'll...just start answering questions now.

1.  Er...maybe a couple? I'll willingly accept that there is a lot to our DNA we have yet to understand. It is complex and we are still figuring it out; I watch enough videos on the subject to be aware of this. But it's pretty difficult for me to believe anything else he's saying. I still think you're just reliving a ton of repressed  and unrepressed memories when you're tripping balls--not entering a different plane of existence. If you run out into the street and get hit by a car you were trying to shake hands with because in your LSD-tripped mind you thought it was the ambassador of planet Shawnface, you're still going to be very injured or very dead when/if you wake up.

2. I tend to mellow out and focus on my work. Listen to some music. I don't really consider being calm to be an alternate reality or anything, but yeah. It's a different state of mind than my usual. I sort of tune everything else out.

3. Different. I don't know. It depends on their technology and what their worlds look like. If we saw each other's art, I'm sure we wouldn't be able to tell whether or not it is art at first. 

4. I believe its possible for them to go hand in hand if you're open minded. Quantum physics and spirituality must exist on the same plane if people are willing to go the extreme either way.

!. Maybe? Have you ever tripped out? If so, I do believe thinking about his ideas and experiencing these altered states would provide some insight that you can choose to use or not.

@. It hasn't crossed my mind before, so not that I can think of.

#. Sometimes. You know. I was there. 

$. Sort of, now that you mention it. But drawings don't possess nearly as much information as DNA does.

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